Certified Associate in Sustainability

Basic Information

ISESR Certified Associate in Sustainability (CAS) offers recognition to aspiring practitioners who are interested in or just taking up a career in Environment & Sustainability as well as practitioners already in the field of Environment & Sustainability. It highly benefits individuals who do not have prior experience in Environment & Sustainability, since its help them demonstrate their professional knowledge.


ISESR Certified Associate in Sustainability (CAS) Certification Exam consists of 100 Questions, 3 hours; Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to assess the candidate understanding the CAS body of knowledge. Candidates have to score minimum 70% to pass the Examination.

Candidate Eligibility Requirements

ISESR Certified Associate in Sustainability (CAS) Certification requires Bachelor's degree or Global equivalent in Environment & Sustainability or allied Environment & Sustainability subjects. Candidates who are currently pursuing the Bachelor's degree may also apply for the exam.

Certification Renewal

The certification is valid for a period of 5 years. The candidates may either take up recertification at the end of 4th year. Or the candidates can take other ISESR Energy Certifications and upgrade to Professional qualifications at the end of 3 years after fulfilling the prerequisites.

Examination Dates

Certification Fees
Category Members Non - Members
Examination Fees GBP 350 GBP 400
Retake Fees GBP 350 GBP 400
Recertification Fees GBP 350 GBP 400